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Welcome to the Interviewing 111P Wiki                              

Summer Hybrid 2012 Edition!


You do not need to logon to view this website! But you DO need to logon to comment on workshops.

  > See below for a Guide to course resources <

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Class Bulletins

This course is under revision for summer session 



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Map/Guide to Course Resources

Please see the Orientation Workshop page for details.

Download this Quick Reference Guide to this course: Comm_111p_Summer_QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE.doc


This wiki is the official course website for Comm 111P Online. It contains:

• course schedule

• syllabus

• workshops

• links to other resources


Connect to these pages via the navigator window or the sidebar>>>


Course Communication

If you need to contact the instructor use the course email address comm111p@gmail.com. Please email the instructor ASAP so you can get access to the comments feature on this wiki and so I can put you on the class distribution list.


Primary communication for this course is through the email class distribution list. This is how I will send course information to you. 


Peer-to-peer communication is handled via the Discussion Board on the Desire2Learn website.


The Desire2Learn website is for activities that require confidentiality. To access it, you need to go to the sign-in page https://sjsu.desire2learn.com. It contains:

• quizzes

• discussion boards

• grades

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